Meet Decision Makers From:

  • European Passenger Rail Operators
  • European Freight Operators
  • Rail Infrastructure Providers
  • Rolling Stock Operating Companies

With The Following Job Titles:

  • Head of Safety, Quality & Environment
  • Head of Operations
  • HSEQ Director
  • Head of Occupational Health & Safety
  • Systems Safety Manager
  • Human Factors Specialist
  • Production Director
  • Performance Manager
  • ERTMS Project Manager
  • Head of Infrastructure Safety


  • Safety Monitoring System Providers
  • Crowd Management Technology Providers
  • Fatigue & Distraction Detection System Providers
  • Safety Design, Engineering & Project Managing Consultants
  • Infrastructure Monitoring System Providers
  • Fall Protection System Providers
  • Engineering Companies
  • Contractors
  • Law firms

Leading European Rail Safety Speakers

With so many developments over the past decades, an unprecedented level of passenger growth, and new transitions planned over the next few years, safety remains a top priority on the railways.The biggest challenge for safety professionals is managing behaviour - both of the public and of employees.

All operators across Europe are acutely aware of the importance of safety - but a huge amount of time and resources are needed to instill a safety culture within your workforce, implement new technologies and make changes to your infrastructure.

As operators strive to maximise efficiency and maintain regulatory compliance, learning from the efforts and results of other train operating companies is more vital than ever.


Innovative operators are prioritising the application of human factors analysis and cultural change management in their safety planning.

Humans have an influence through the entire railway system, and the benefits of getting this right are:

➢ Less passenger accidents in the station and at the PTI

➢ Reduced employee errors, and

➢ Improved overall performance

The European Rail Safety Forum will bring together creative examples of best practice from Europe's leading stakeholders, to show how the sector can fundamentally improve the way that safety is managed. Speakers will address only the most pressing challenges, and present innovative and deliverable solutions that you can transfer to your own company.

Speaker Interview




Leading European rail operators will share the progress and results of their own safety initiatives, focused on the following key topics:

  • Preventing accidents at the PTI through optimal communication strategies that engage passengers and influence passenger behaviour
  • Reducing crowding  through building infrastructure that is designed around the specific risk-profile of your operations
  • Building human factors into your safety planning, to design systems that take into account the capabilities and limitations of your workforce
  • Integrating a culture of behavioural safety into all levels of your organisation, and engage employees to make safety a priority
  • Managing the practical challenges of transitioning to ERTMS, and fully exploiting the safety opportunity it brings
  • Developing a robust and agile CMS and workforce competence that meet your business' needs and can adapt to growing demand
  • Safely implementing changes across your company, and engaging employees to embrace new systems
  • Implementing an occupational health and safety programme that safeguards your workforce's wellbeing


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